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How to divide PU leather or PVC leather

PU and PVC leather distinction method:
The difference between PVC leather and PU synthetic leather can be in the method of gasoline. The method is to use a small piece of leather, on gasoline for half an hour, and then take out, if it is PVC leather, it will be hard and brittle, if is PU synthetic leather, it won't become hard and brittle.

PVC or PU artificial leather and animal leather distiniction method: 
1). Feature of backing are different. PVC or PU artificial leather is PVC or PU layer laminated on fabric. So, the fabic on backing is obviously. But, there is non fabric layer on animal leather's back.
2 ). It is burning the melting of way to tell. Put one small piece of leather on the fire, animal leather is not melting, and artificial leather or synthetic leather, whatever PU or PVC, will melt.
All leather in our goods, such as Handbags, are in artificial leather.
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A:1). Before shipping, all of the products have proceeded aging test to ensure products quality. 2). Supporting import your logo on the products. 3). It is acceptable for OEM and ODM.
A: 1). Our main business is on bag items, but real animal leather bags is not included. 2). We supply one-stop service for buyer's demand of bags, including design, producing and export. 3). OEM and ODM is available. 4). FOB or DDP is available.
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